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Must have Gears for Producers - with recommendations!

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I assume that the reader is trying to build up a mobile or home studio within a affordable budget, without compromising quality. It covers every aspect of music production ie recording, programming, mixing and mastering. So lets directly get into the business without wasting any more time. [with affiliate links]

1. Natural Sound Creators: There should be a throat that can produce sound, or, its very important, that U carry at least one guitar/Keyboard with u, or u have access to one(Acoustic or Electric).because Keyboard/Guitar is a very important instrument in almost all contemporary arrangement. It speeds up your workflow a lot.

My recommended Keyboards:

Below 10000 rs:

CT-S300 Casiotone -​


Rs 10000-15000:

Casio CT-X870IN -​

Yamaha PSR-E373 -​

Rs 15000-20000:

Casio CT-X8000IN -​

Casio CT-X9000IN -​

Yamaha PSR-E463 -

2. Microphones: This is what which is first in the conversion chain. It converts sound energy (or mechanical energy) to electrical signal. This is crucial, u can’t afford to go bad here. Once the sound enters in DAW, almost nothing will be good enough to change it inherent characteristics. It is recommended that you should have at least one piece of condenser and one dynamic microphone. If u are going to buy a condenser, ensure u have

1. access to a quite and acoustically good room,(of course you can create one check out our room treatment guide)

2. the mic has a cardioid polar pattern have phantom power source.(It can be either a audio Interface with phantom power or a Preamp)

Lav Mic:

Maono AU-103 -

Dynamic Mic:

Shure SM57-LC -

Rode PodMic-

USB Condenser Mic:

Blue Snowball-

MAONO AU-902 -

Samson GTrack Pro-

Condenser Mic below 10000:

Behringer C3 -

below 15000:

AKG P220 -

2.5 POP Filter: It can save you hours of editing of removing glitches, and Samson PS 01 comes around 1200 bucks($25).Its also affordable. So its always recommended that u carry one of them, to make glitch free recordings.

3.MIC Stand: yup! most of the time, no one includes this in a studio set up, but hey buddy! you have to have GOOOOOD one! The absolute Must!

DO NOT go for plastic Stands. Use Heavy weight Steel or Iron Stand. You can get one from local shop!

4.Cables: yup, they are also absolute must! U should Have at least one copy of

XLR male to female

TRS to TRS instrument cable

U can get them locally within 500 bucks($20). Don’t buy a too cheap version as they are important signal carriers.

BTW, Hosa and Mogami Clables are the best

4.Audio Interface: There are lots of options. Some of them are

Less than 10000:

Behringer UM2-

Focusrite Scarlett Solo-

More than 10000:

Audient EVO 4 -

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 :

PreSonus Studio 24c-

All of them comes around 10-25K.Not to forget , Apogee , RME are also a Great option, but they are comparatively costly, that’s why I kept them outside. feel free to consider them, if there are lil restrictions on your budget.

5. MIDI Keyboard: It’s a absolute essential for programmers, And it have to be 25 or 32 key, coz u cant carry a 49 key keyboard with u all the time.Nowdays they are all USB interfaced, which is great! u don’t have the fear of losing adapter anymore! The question which will must come to your mind once is,25 /32 or 49 key?

If you are a electronic, dance, hip hop producer, may be 25 key is sufficient for you and you will need some knobs to tweak, as in M Audio Oxygen 25.But,if u are a keyboard player, its pathetic that you will not be able to press a full G# Major with your both hands. Then just go for a 32 key, at least it will give your hand at least one shift-over place. Even if it don’t have lots of knobs, you can adjust all parameters in your daw.

Options to consider:

Samson Graphite M25 -


Nectar Impact LX -

Keep an eye open for what software/vsts you get with it ;)

6.DAW: According to me, Don’t get confused with buying DAW. The final quality of the song depends much more on the programmer and mixing engineer, rather than the software. Same quality u can achieve with any of them, be it Studio One, Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar.

7.Headphones : A good headphone supersedes monitor many ways. they are completely portable, produce much more uncolored sound, and cost far less.

Behringer HPM 1000 -

Sennheiser HD 280 -

Beyerdynamic DT770Pro-

8.Speakers: Its of course arguable that whether I should include a speaker in a portable studio set up. But its not arguable that keeping a headphone on your ear for hours and trying to mix a bass line with drums can be literally painful. It will be sensible if u can use a combination of monit and heados, if u can afford buying monitors.

The most compact studio monitor, as per my knowledge, is Behringer MS 16 active. (around 7000 /- or $80)They are comparatively small, and I ve read only good reviews for them. There are M Audio AV series, KRK Rokit, JBL LSR(my favourite), Presonus Eris, Alesis , Yamaha, Cali Audio too. If you want to high end, ADAM A7X or Genelec would be the right choice!

That’s it. Happy producing! Shoot me with feedback or any other things hungry, Stay foolish. Keep getting stupid ideas and explore!

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the creativedreams
the creativedreams
Aug 10, 2022

complete list, great work!

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