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5 Tips to record great Vocals at Home

Well, gone are the days when you had to spent thousand of rupees to hire a studio and record yourself as its crucial to capture the source flawlessly. Thanks to the technology, now everyone can record great vocals right at their home. I have spent many years of my life to figure it out how we can make the best of our bedroom and study rooms. Are you having troubles getting your desired sound? Well, read on!

  1. Time & Space: Needless to say, the further your room is from the streets, the better. Try to work after 8PM and choose a room, which is not so big, and make sure the room is not empty. Rather its great if you could fill up the room with junk stuff :). For the room treatment, you can use curtains or any other clothes that you can find.

  2. Understand Microphones : Microphone is the most important instrument, if you are a recording musician. BUTTTT! great mics tends to have great sensitivity to sounds, and of course Noise. So think before you buy a mic really expensive as you might end up with a lot of noise. What should you look for?

a) Make sure Mic is of Cardioid Pattern [most mics are]

b) For vocals, use large diaphragm condenser.

c) Keep an eye on 'Off Axis Noise Rejection'

d) check it with multiple gain levels. Work with the minimum

3. Position of the Mic: Place the mic away from walls. If possible, try to make unequal distance from walls. Put the mic stand on a doormat or Carpet. It should stand steady and firm.

4. Pop Shield: Its important to have a POP Filter if you are using a condenser. Look before you buy. Some microphones comes with one. In case it doesn't, but separate one.

5. Reflection Filter: Its great if you can purchase a reflection filter. If you are buying, make sure you research well on the company as there are few models which does not works that great. This one essentially isolates your microphone from the surroundings and if you can use it with a DIY vocal booth, you can get stunning results within your bedroom.

If you are looking for home studio equipment, make sure you check out this article. As i have pointed out my personal favorites here.

There are many more great tricks and tips about how to setup home studio, Microphone techniques and more, which I will share going forward. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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1 Comment

the creativedreams
the creativedreams
Aug 10, 2022

really great tips!!!

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