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Drag n Drop you karaoke track, record your vocals - BOOM! Export your fully professional sounding master!

VOCAL + KARAOKE Mix Template FLP (Fully Mixed Mastered/All internal plugins)

₹1,200.00 Regular Price
₹1,000.00Sale Price
  • Mixing Vocals properly takes years of expertise and practise. Same goes for Mastering tracks. But what if, both of these are done for you, just drag n drop, and export your pro song? This is the template just for that. You can drap n drop your track, drag n drop your vocals or record it, and export. AS SIMPLE AS THAT!  If you want, you can tweak the parameters more precisely or just adjust overall feel. A vivid tutorial is included for that. Export commercially mixes: from -15 to -7 LUFS. Of course you can tweak that too!

    Even if you are a beginner, have no experience in FL Studio before, you can easily operate through this file and get PRO RESULTS instantly!

    PRE REQUISITE: FL Studio 20.9 Producer should be installed

    WHAT's INCLUDED - One FLP File with Vocal Mix chain, Karaoke Mix chain, Mastering Chain + One tutorial file.

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