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Ukulele Loops - Ultimate Collection

  • The unmistakable sound of Ukulele has find its place in most of contemporary music. This instrument can serve a whole song with its amazing vibes, or can be used in verses to transform the journey of any song. It sounds great with any Pop Kit or Brush Kit as well, but why not try to chopping it up with some 808s and House kit?

    This is a collection of most widely used chord progressions and strumming patterns, thousands of songs are written on top of this chords, now you can can do the same by just drag and drop in your favourite sequencer. Keys and tempos are carefully choosen considering the restrictions of time stretching algorithms. This could really be your perfect loop library of you are a singer, songwriter or a producer!

    Tech Specs:

    GENRES :  Bollywood and Folk

    FORMAT : WAV 24 bit,44.1 KHz

    SIZE: 235 MB (Uncompressed), 49 Files 


    Time Signature: 4/4 , 3/4 (includes shuffle)

    Key A,C,D,E,G (Major and Minor mixed)

    Tempo : 100-160 BPM

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