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A fully arranged, mixed, mastered rock template - just modify, record vocals and release!

Rock Song Template I for FL Studio

₹1,200.00 Regular Price
₹1,000.00Sale Price
  • This is a Rock Template in FL Studio which closely resembles Aadat by Atif. This is a ALL MIDI file - that means you can make any changes for your own song in chord progressions/ rhythms/ structures/ instrument - change the Scale/Tempo without losing any quality! All plugins are FL internal plugins, only you need to purchase Ample Guitar Martin(AGM) for better guitar sounds, else you can download Ample Guitar AGML lite (free guitar vst) for acoustic guitars.


    This gives you a rock solid starting point for any rock song, just modify the chords and rhythms as per the song. All Mix channels is equipped with basic mix chains, and basic mastering is also done. Just change whatever you need/record your vocals, mix it again if required.

    You may find a lot of EDM templates FLP, but not a rock song. Again a S9 exclusive!

    Rock on! Have Fun! 


    Pre requite:

    FL Studio 20.9 must be installed

    All FLEX packs should be downloaded (Free with FL Studio)

    Purchase AGM (Paid) or Download free plugin AGML lite from

    NOTE: No vocals included.

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