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Acoustic Guitar Loops MEGA PACK (VOL1 + 2 ) - All Time Signatures

  • The unmistakable, unreplaceble sound of an Acoustic! No song is completed without it. However, its a tricky instrument to reproduce with VSTs - and recording it is painstaking. Enter S9 Acoustic Guitar Loops. Premium Studio Quality. Recorded in stereo with minute detail, just Drag n Drop - and you are ready to record your covers with it. This pack contains it all - you can virtually create any song cover with it. Rock - Pop - Bollywood - Semi Classical - Ghazal - Bhajan - Sufi :- you won't find anything like this loop pack anywhere. Gel it with tabla/drums or any rhythm instrument or keep only guitars. These are the most used patterns, countless hits has been produced in these. Now it's your's - no matter you are a guitarist or not!

    Tech Specs:

    GENRES :  Bollywood, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Semi Classical

    FORMAT : WAV 24 bit,48 KHz

    SIZE: 1.01 GB (Uncompressed), 165 Loops (This is Vol1 + Vol2.)


    Time Signature: 4/4

    Key A,B,C,D,E,G

    Tempo :80 -160 BPM

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